We want to hear from you. Last year, we asked why you think it is important to #breakthesilence around sexual assault. This year we’re curious about how you can #breakthesilence. Participate in a photo shoot on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 to #breakthesilence. Sign up here. The pictures will be posted at the law school as part of the #breakthesilence campaign during Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

2014 #BreaktheSilence Participants Sexual Assault Awareness Week at Windsor Law begins on March 16, 2015.

Monday, March 16 12:00 “No Means No” Workshop Hosted by LEAF
Tuesday, March 17 12:00 “Vagina Workshop” – A Conversation About Healthy Sex and Knowing Yourself Hosted by Vagina Monologues
Wednesday, March 18 12:00 Speakers Event Hosted by Women & The Law
8:00 Sex Ed Trivia Night Hosted by LSRJ
Thursday, March 19 12:00 Movie Day!
Friday, March 20 Movie Night at Portofino, Hosted by LSRJ
Monday, March 23 4:30 LSRJ Speakers Event: Catholics for Choice

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